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Fear and Courage

By Frederic Pauwels

One of my favourite books and one which was very influential for me is called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book I highly recommend anyone to read, from building up a plan, a mastermind group, new friends, trans-mutating your own life & sexual energy into something more meaningful, becoming a fulfilled person with a goal and having a greater understanding concerning energy/vibration.

Fear can be one of the biggest types of emotion we possess on a continual basis, and a lot of us possess it one way or the other. Fear is counter productive to personal growth, success and wellness, it slows down our maximum potential we could hold in life. It keeps us in the comfort zone. The zone where we conscious or unconsciously feel too comfortable. It prevents us of exploring further, it destroys our creativity, i.e. things/ideas we may never previously could have thought of.
Imagine a bubble around us and you seem to know everything inside the bubble, sometimes this bubble can be so big that we think we know everything wherever we may find ourselves to be. But, what if there was more to life? How could I or you be convinced it existed if we never tried or heard of its existence before? The key here is to remain open, to accept the possibility of something beyond our control & our current beliefs.

Courage is our willpower, and willpower is so powerful because it comes from nowhere or somewhere we cannot logically understand. Never underestimate willpower! ever! Thinking about it, willpower is almost the source of everything in life, just like the big bang…
Fear gives us all types of reasons or excuses to come up with why not to achieve something we really want.

If you want to know more by what I mean here – you will need to search for it first. Take action! You need to look for it, believe it exists, look at patterns and learn from those who know about it and have found something. It basically is really simple, and in this simplicity there are new found treasures for whoever is seeking.

When you have an idea, and it is you and no other who has it, in some way you have got something that others can’t understand the way YOU know it! With this comes a desire to share it, to inspire/help others, a passion within that is roaring to fire up, and with careful analysis of the idea and planning comes success. Take your time with this idea, think it through and make it happen as soon as you become aware, step by step, no matter how big or small that step may be.

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