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Embrace the question

By Hans Comijn

The most important transformation you can go through is to transform from someone who desperately tries to figure out the answers to his/her questions, to someone who embraces that very question. To someone who embraces the mystery, the quest. Someone who embraces his/her journey.

“Who am I today and what do I want my life to look like? What is my passion? What is my authenticity? What does it mean to be a woman, to be a man? What kind of relationships do I want? How can I truly connect?”

The answers to the most important questions in your life are temporary; the questions themselves are eternal. You do not have to be fixated on finding the answers; it is enough for you to sit in the questions. As soon as you do, you can relax in the knowledge that you are already aspiring to more excellence in your life. As soon as you embrace the question, you can find ease and delight in your journey towards more excellence.

The only sense of arrival you will ever get is to know you are on the right track. There is no endpoint you need to rush at, and you do not need a plan to get there. There is only a path to be followed, and the next step along that path unfolds before your eyes as soon as you embrace the question. As soon as you decide to sit in the question, you are on that path. And as soon as you are on that path, you have arrived. The rest of your life will be an exciting journey, a beautiful mystery.

Embrace the mystery, your quest, your journey. Embrace the question.

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