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About Us

We’re a group of sports enthusiasts / fitness motivators that have always missed out the need on proper motivation and health tips in the sports industry. For that reason we have built a community and website from scratch for everyone to participate and enjoy. We are committed to only offering science- and evidence-based nutrition & fitness advice, and work with the best experts in these areas. May you find the motivation through this website wherever you may find yourself on the planet.


Sports Motivation

Is an online portal where everyone can access the best motivation content on the worldwide web. Sports Motivation works like a hub, you will find all sorts of things that we find important and that which may inspire you.


Strength Beauty United

The foundations for Sports Motivation have been built around this with a loving touch. We always try to focus on strength, love, and beauty – we believe all of us have it. Beauty is whatever you define it to be. Live up to your awesomeness!


Mission Statement

Bringing out the best in people and bringing people together; providing the best motivating content available daily, wherever you may find yourself to be.

Providing the people with all sorts of motivation; from images and clothing to seminars and events. Including additional fitness and nutrition tips to enhance your sports performance.



Developing a community where everyone communicates with each other by means of motivation throughout the whole wide world. We focus on contributing to a healthy world.


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